Tips on how to Write your First E-Book!

Whether you want your first e-book to be published or you want your voice to be heard, putting your ideas and thoughts in an E-book and selling online copies is cost effective and one of the best ways to self-publish in the world of digitization today.

Read the steps below in this article and find out how you can successfully publish your first E-book:

  1. Come up with an Idea

E-books are no different from any other type of book except you are only publishing through a different medium. The foremost step to write an E-book is to come up with an effective idea, and come up on the topic that you will write about.


  1. Expand your idea

Start with the basic idea that you write down; the best way to come up with brilliant ideas is to brainstorm and draw a web of concepts. For example, if you wanted to write a book on how to succeed with your academics, you could write things such as “students” “teachers” “grades” “Revision Techniques” and so on. Keep jotting ideas until and unless you have enough detail about the structure that you will follow for your E-book!

  1. Organize your details

Once you have done the brainstorming for your E-book, the next step is to organize your main points that you think are relevant in to a basic structure that you would follow.

  1. Write the Book

 Don’t worry about the title, table of contents or any of these elements. Just sit down and start writing. Start writing about the chapter of your own choice. Just be sure whatever you are writing makes sense and you keep the target audience in mind.

  1. Review and rewrite

When you have finished writing a book, let it sit for a week Come back to your writing with a critical eye, look at the chapters, give shape to your chapters. Also, add details wherever required.


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