Tips on how to study for your exam!

 Stressed with exams? Frustrated about deadlines that have to be met soon? Give yourself enough chance to prepare for your upcoming exams. However, if you feel that you cannot study and need help, follow these useful tips by Paperomatic:

  • Give yourself enough time to study

Don’t leave you preparations till the last minute.  This might be dangerous, as you will panic and will not be able to focus on anything. Cramming is a risk that students take during their academic career. Set out a timetable and strictly follow the timetable that you have set for yourself. Plan out when you will study for which subject. Write down how many exams you have and the days you have to appear for your exams.  This will help you Organize  yourself, resulting in you focusing more on your studies.  

  • THE Study Space

Make sure that you have enough study space for you to spread out your text books. Ensure that you are comfortable enough.  Once everything is set, dig deep in your books and start studying! When studying, switch off your mobile phone so that you can concentrate on preparing for your exams.

  • Use Visuals

 To make sure you remember everything for your exams, visual aids can be very helpful when revising. Read once through your chapter, and challenge yourself and jot down everything you know about that chapter. Closer to the exams, condense your revision notes to one page diagrams. Paste your notes in your room in the form of stick ons.

  • Past Exam Papers

 To get an idea of what your exam would be like, practice on the past exam papers from the previous years.  This helps you get used to the format of exam that you will appear for- Time yourself and spend the right amount of time on each section.

  • Verbal Tests

Ask your mother, father or anyone in the family to test you. This will help you analyze how much you know, and how much preparation is left. Verbally testing yourself will help clear your concepts, where you can highlight areas that need more work.


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