Social Mediums: AN Internet Drug Addict!

The plagues of social media mediums, such as Facebook and Twitter have invaded people’s lives. Your life has become a public forum, where your minute to minute happenings are updated. The hype of social media has turned us into egomaniacs and Internet addicts. The epidemic of social media is not only limited to Facebook or Twitter anymore; there are many other social mediums that are emerging! The point being, there is no life without any social media!

We all are internet drug addicts! Everything we do requires of us to check our phone every two seconds! It doesn’t matter what we are doing, So, how various social mediums have addicted us so far? Here are some reasons:

  1. The first thing you do when you wake up is to reach for your phone, check out for the updates on Facebook, Twitter or whatsApp! Check out the number of comments that have been rewetted or liked from the night before!
  2. It doesn’t matter what field you belong to, but one glance every hour is a must for your social media mediums!
  3. You like your own status/updates on Facebook! You like your own pictures and favorite your own tweets
  4. You check in everywhere you go!
  5. Your life has become a public forum- you give updates on each of the happenings of your life, and if someone passes a negative comment or makes an opinion about you. You say you have been misjudged!
  6. If someone tells you a joke, instead of actually “ laughing at the joke” you usually say “ LOL”
  7. If there is hot news around, instead of actually talking about it, you post it on Facebook, or tweet it. Most of the conversations with your friends are done through social medium apps!
  8. Social mediums are a major time consumer! You can’t get enough of using social mediums! Your day starts and ends with “the social media plague”.



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