No Essay Writing? Then what?

Frustrated with writing and always doing assignments? No leisure time to yourself?  Teachers nagging for missing deadlines? All this is true, as students usually are faced with the dilemma of not meeting deadlines and submitting an ineffective essay that gets them a bad grade. Writing an essay is  a time-consuming and difficult activity as it leaves you with no choice but results you getting a bad grade! Take a deep breath! Writing can be fun and easy, if you follow the tips below!

Research properly: To get an “A” grade for your essay, extensive research is the key! Your first step is to research the topic that you have chosen. Utilize all resources that you can get your hands on: Internet, books will certainly help you with your research and give you a road map of how to write your essay!

Analyze: Once you have thoroughly researched the topic that you are going to write about, now is the time to analyze and implement! Jot down points and while writing pick the points that you have jotted down, and support it with reasoning!

Outline: When you have analyzed what points will be a part of your “perfect essay”, make an outline that will lead the way for your essay! Use one liners to describe what each paragraph will talk about! Map out the structure that you will follow in your essay!

Attention Grabbing Introduction: Your planning phase has come to an end! Sit down when you are relaxed, start jotting down the ideas that you have gathered in paragraph form! Your introduction for your essay should be written in such a way that it grabs the attention of the reader. An effective introduction will grab the attention of the reader! Your introduction for your essay should be a concise summary of your essay!

Note: Your introduction Title and the first paragraph are the key elements for your essay!

Start Writing: Every paragraph to your essay should be focused on a point and supported with evidence throughout! Focus on your points and expand your ideas in a creative way. Always create connections between your paragraphs!

 Conclusion: Gracefully conclude your essay by summarizing the main points of your essay! You can end on a quote or some call to action!

 Finally, structure your essay properly. Polish your essay by improving the overall tone of your essay and checking for grammatical errors. Get you essay re-checked by a friend or someone in the family, to ensure that you do get a grade that you do not deserve!


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